I Want To Become a Better Lover – How Do I Do It?

Would you like to become a better lover? I think that is on the wishlist of 9 out of 10 men. The question is how do you become a better lover? Some of the men that I date at London escorts think that the answer can be found in the pages of the Playboy magazine or GQ, but I am not sure about that. Being a good lover starts way before you get into the bedroom. I am sure that most charlotte London escorts have been asked the question. So, what does make a man a better lover? During my time with London escorts, I have come up with various ideas that may at least give you some ideas of how you become a better lover.

Some women just seem to be happy to accept that their partners are not that good in bed. I doubt very much that any of the girls I know at our London escorts would be happy to accept that. In fairness, I think it is not easy to make men change. The majority of the men that I know are very set in their ways and I am not sure that they even want to change. Perhaps they are happy in their own worlds and that is why so many of them like to date London escorts.

I often tell men that women think about sex differently. Some women can separate sex and love in their minds, but the majority of women that I know outside of London escorts can’t do that. That is where the problem starts. To most men, making love is all about having sex. Thee would be happy with a quickie but women like it to last all night. As a rule, I think that men really need to learn how to romance a woman. Have I ever met a man at London escorts who have been a true romantic? No, I haven’t and I doubt that I ever will.

When you want to become a better lover, you really need to become a bit of a Don Juan. Start thinking about how you can get the most out of your sex life. Don Juan apparently knew the secret to good sex. From what I understand, he knew how to make women feel better about themselves. If you can do that, you will find that most women will become more confident in bed. Eventually, they will start to see you as a better and more attentive lover. Some men I date at London escorts do pay me a lot of compliments and I think that they get more out of their dates that way.

Another top tip is to spend time with your wife or partner. Men do like to let their job take over their lives. Stop and think about it, did you used to do that when you were at the beginning of your relationship? The answer to that is often no. When you first started seeing your partner, you probably spent a lot of time with her. Rediscovering each other again is often very sexy, and I think that most of us would get a kick out of it. Are London escorts expert relationship counselor? No, we are not, but I think that we have a pretty good idea what makes women, and men, tick if you know what I mean.

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