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Ingrid Lilligren


Recent projects explore symbolic language, in particular, Braille.  It is used as a symbol of cultural, social, and political blindness and in one instance I used it to refer to the blindness of love.

Foreign Aid , 2003    (Text on the cylinders executed in Braille):

Gwen Ifill recently interviewed the Carters on PBS. Jimmy Carter made the remark that for every dollar of Foreign Aid the U. S. donated, Norway was giving seventeen. I decided to investigate. What I found was illuminating. The U.S. is dead last of 22 industrialized nations in foreign aid donations relative to gross domestic product. What a shame. The internet has thousands of sites with statistics, most of them quite alarming. I once read a definition of beauty as a purely aesthetic response, a disinterested observation, objective and objectifying. Statistics too put us at a remove. How can we put a face on the numbers we read about daily? How much cultural and personal identity have we invested in the remove that disinterested beauty and compressed data provides? If we define beauty to include engagement, could or would our relationship to the world and its issues change?